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LED Open Signs-HSO1298

  • Product item:HSO1298
  • Price:$9.99
  • Weight:1KG
  • Size(inch):6H x12W x 1D
  • Power consumption:6W
  • Input Voltage:100v-240VAC
  • Control way: Hanging chains
  • Adapter:UL Approved 12 Volt
  • Material:ABS plastic+Black Acrylic
  • Accessories:Adaptor and Chains(1.0M)
  • Found a better price? Please Email:h@hidly.cn
Description Remote Package Workroom FAQ
AYD LED OPEN SIGNS are made of durable acrylic, not like cheaper quality led signs that are made with cardboard backing.
Our handmade LED OPEN SIGNS use high efficiency diodes that can be seen up to a distance of 150ft, will reduce energy consumption (up to 80%) when compared to neon and are rated to last 50,000 hours; enough to last 10 years.
Our environmentally friendly signs are not made with toxic gases like mercury or argon.
We pride ourselves at being able to offer premium quality signs for an affordable cost.
You can choose between 3 different illumination modes (static, wave chasing and border chasing)
A 12V DC power supply and chain to hang the LED sign will be included in the box.
Specifications :
W x H x D...............: 6" x 12" x 1"
Material...................: Front – Acrylic Panel, Back – ABS Plastic
Placement Style…...: Hanging
Orientation..............: Landscape
Light Type...............: Super bright LED
Features..................: Illuminated, Animation
Warranty Information :
All of our LED signs have 1 year warranty (exceptions for physical and water damage)
For any questions please feel free and Call Us 86+15919925528
Title:HIDLY LED Open Neon Sign for Pub Restaurant Wall Window Display
12V DC security power voltage, it will not have the body leakage. Safe to touch and clean
Ultra hard and thickened ABS original designed back board mould
High attractive and excellent visibility U.S. imports of electronic-grade 3528 light source, pure color
Hang it on the wall, connect the power adapter and can be used anywhere in demand.
1. Ultra hard and thickened ABS, Original designed back board mould,Deluxe acrylic front board, resin image
2. High attractive and excellent visibility
U.S. imports of electronic-grade 3528 light source, pure color
3.12V DC security power voltage
It will not have the body leakage. Safe to touch and clean
4. Easy use
Hang it on the wall or other place on tripod, connect the power adapter and can be used anywhere in demand
5. Own factory
We have competitive price and excellent technology support with CE & RoHs Certificate
Size:12*6inches or customized
Input power :AC100-240V 0.1A
Output power :DC12V 0.3A
Chip :Electronic-grade 3528
Board material :Deluxe Acrylic, Epoxy Resin,
Durable Plastics
Certificate :CE & RoHs, UL
Service life :Over 100,000hours
Accessories :
power adapter*1, chain*1, packing box*1
Product features:
The solid frame. Uniform light, bright during the day and night are visual range far, really achieve beautification during the day, night lighting effect.
Energy saving: 90% energy saving than conventional luminous word, one over ten of the power consumption for the traditional neon light
Environmental protection: do not produce light pollution and chemical pollution
Red light evenly, appearance beautiful, never fade, night discernible visual distance can reach more than 2000 meters
High strength: acid-proof, alkali resistance, waterproof, explosion-proof, impact resistant
Delicate, fine craftsmanship, the size of the font and logo in any size, design and simplified, all can show incisively and vividly.
Hidly LED Chinese Food Signs
Rectangular Size:19"LX9.5"WX1"D.
Packing Size(5pcs):63X39x37CM.
Volume Weight:14KGS.
A 20'container can hold 1770 pcs.
Oval Size:19"LX9.5"WX1"D.
Packing Size(5pcs):57X27x23CM.
Volume Weight:7KGS.
A 20 'container can hold 3200pcs.
Rectangular Size:24"LX12"WX1"D.
Packing Size(5pcs):75X35x35CM.
Volume Weight:18.5KGS.
A 20'container can hold 1200 pcs.
Rectangular Size:32"LX13"WX1"D.
Packing Size(5pcs):95X38x35CM.
Volume Weight:25KGS.
A 20'container can hold 950pcs.
Rectangular Size:16"LX16"WX1"D.
Packing Size(5pcs):56X46x39CM.
Volume Weight:20KGS.
A 20' container can hold  about 1100pcs.
Packing Size(5pcs):74X47X39CM.
Volume Weight:27KGS.
A 20'container can hold about 900pcs.
Rectangular Size:30"LX17"WX1"D.
Packing Size(5pcs)86X59X39CM.
Volume Weight:40KGS.
A 20'container can hold about 600pcs.
    AYD LED OPEN SIGNS,is a pioneer in LED Signs field and LED OPEN SIGNS field. We are specialized in designing, researching, manufacturing and selling all kinds of LED signs and LED OPEN SIGNS. We are an LED company you can count on because of good quality and competitive pricing, OEM & ODM orders are welcome.

1.What are the lead times for LED OPEN signs?
    Upon payment, we will eventually process your order. However a lead time of 16 days is required. Because haste makes waste, we give our team enough time to bring about personalized digital display for you. 
2.What do the displays come with?
   Our open signs come with everything you need to operate such as a controller, adapter.
3.What is the warranty policy should the displays arrive damaged?
   We are pleased to offer our convenient warranty policy. 
4.What color do these displays for gas station come in?
    The signs are usually available in colors of Red, Green, Yellow and White. 
5.What sizes do these signs come in?
   The size of the sign is determined by the letter’s height. The standard size:24*48cm,30*60cm,38*68cm,33*81cm,40*40cm,40*60cm.
6.How long do the signs last?
   Our signs can last an average of 6 years.
7.Can you keep them on all day & night? And if so, will it affect the longevity?
   Yes, you can keep them on 24/7 without affecting the longevity.
8.Can I get a different combination of displays than what appears on the website?
    Yes, please fill out our custom request form for a custom quote if you need different sizes or combinations of colors.
9.How do you pack the signs?
     We pack with utmost care to prevent breakage during shipping. Please refer to how we pack for more details.
12.Can you provide the solution of accessory?
    Yes,we can.We are professional in LED OPEN SIGNS.
13.Can you provide finished product solution for exhibition or bid?
    Yes,we can,please refer the website,but the the lead time is longer. 
14.Can you provide the signs as the size of customing?
     Yes,we can. If you want custom led chinese food sign, please contact us.

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